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Soft Contact Lens Fitting

Whether it be disposable contact lenses such as single-use dailies or completely tailored regular replacement soft lenses, we are able to assist you with our wide range of available products. Our contact lens range also offers suitable options for our patients with astigmatism or for those requiring multifocal lenses to assist with both far and near vision.

Rigid Contact Lens Fitting

There are certain eye conditions or optical limitations for some patients that mean soft contact lenses do not provide an adequate vision solution. At Eye Care Brisbane we are able to offer a full range of bespoke rigid contact lens options including corneal and mini-scleral lenses that are completely tailored to your eyes to offer vision solutions beyond standard contact lens prescriptions.

Keratoconus and Corneal Graft Patients

Keratoconus is a condition affecting the cornea, the transparent dome-shaped window on the front surface of the eye. In keratoconus, the cornea progressively weakens and changes. As cornea is unable to maintain a regular, round shape, movement in the corneal tissue results in an irregular cone-like profile. This irregular shape causes light to scatter so even the best possible spectacle prescription will often provide a poor visual correction. For patients with keratoconus we are able to fit certain types of contact lenses to replicate a regular corneal surface and significantly improve visual quality. This is the same for patients that do progress further and require a corneal graft. At Eye Care Brisbane we work closely with our local ophthalmologists to manage the progression of these conditions and ensure your eye health needs are met.


Orthokeratology (or simply OrthoK) involves wearing customised contact lenses overnight while you sleep to re-shape the front surface of the eye. When the lenses are removed in the morning, you’ll have the benefit of fully corrected vision for the entire day without needing to wear spectacles or contact lenses. This treatment is a very popular option for patients wanting to experience greater lifestyle flexibility or for those with dry eye or intolerance to daily contact lens wear. Orthokeratology has also been shown to demonstrate myopia control benefits for our young patients with increasing short-sightedness.

Spectacle Prescriptions

At Eye Care Brisbane, we have all the equipment to assess your vision and provide you with a valid spectacle prescription to organise your next pair of glasses. We are more than happy to discuss your vision needs and provide recommendations however please note that as we are a clinical based service, we do not stock frames or dispense spectacles at Eye Care Brisbane.

Myopia Control

There has been a lot of research into myopia (short-sighted) progression in recent times as it’s becoming more prevalent amongst children and teenagers. While being short-sighted is easily corrected optically with spectacles or contact lenses, the concern amongst eye care practitioners is around eye health. Research has shown the more short-sighted someone is, the greater risk of developing certain eye conditions including glaucoma, retinal degeneration, retinal tears/detachments and cataracts. Fortunately, there are several myopia control options that have been demonstrated to slow down the rate of myopia progression. At Eye Care Brisbane we are able to offer a range of options for myopia control and provide education around risk factors and lifestyle changes to help your child today

CASA Aviation Eye Examinations

At Eye Care Brisbane, we are able to offer comprehensive aviation eye examinations in accordance with CASA regulations. If you require a CASA eye examination, please bring all spectacles and/or contact lenses you use when flying along to the appointment.

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